“Wow! No boys! Your poor husband.” “Ooh, just wait until the teen years.” And my southern favorite, “Well, bless your heart.”

These are things I hear regularly when out with my girls. Yes. My beautiful, smart girls are standing right there, and people make these comments like they are deaf. Or not paying attention. Or that they are not smart enough to realize this is not a compliment.

In response I usually say something about being blessed with a beautiful princess trio. And that yes, our house is very pink and purple (It’s not… I’m more of a yellow and red girl when it comes to decorating.).

I look at momming girls as a gift, not a curse. This site will look at it that way, too. I’ll be sharing resources for others on this journey including:

  • How to have the tough conversations (puberty, sex, drugs, etc…)
  • Tips to help build self-esteem and confidence
  • Outfit ideas that won’t make you clutch your pearls
  • STEM/Literacy/Art Education Resources
  • Tips for dealing with peer pressure and bullying

I look forward to sharing with you!