mother daughter date ideas she will loveMother Daughter dates are a great way to spend time with your girl (or girls!). Some traditional date ideas include spa dates, dinner and a movie, and shoe shopping. These are all fun, tried-and-true ideas for a reason.

However, if you’re looking for some other mommy-daughter date ideas, here are seven you may enjoy:

Dream! Every child enjoys undivided attention where you just listen, and then offer nonjudgmental help. So, take her to a lunch spot that’s conducive to conversation and writing. This can be a Panera Bread, Starbucks or a local eatery. You could also choose a favorite spot. Over lunch ask her about her life dreams and what she enjoys doing. Then, come up with a plan to make this dream a reality.

No matter what the answer help her draft a plan. If she wants to be a unicorn it may take a little more creativity, but you can still do it. It just may take asking a few more questions, :-).

Add a little more special to the day by documenting everything in a beautiful journal she can keep and use for life updates. You’d be surprised how well this works for fostering open communication.

Play! So often we get caught up in every day life we forget the importance of fun.  Whether it’s a playground, indoor trampoline park, mini golf, batting cages, go karts, etc. pick something she likes and do it. Check out Living Social and Groupon for ideas in your area. Even better, you can get a discount, :-).

Make something. Paint nights, pottery making, jewelry making. All of these things are a great way to spend time together. It’s especially nice if neither of you are experts because you can learn together, laugh and at the end you’ll have a memento.

Staycation. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours away, my girls love staying in a hotel. There’s the pool (a special treat in the winter!) and new digs for a night that doesn’t require them cleaning. This idea really works well if other siblings are home. The one-on-one time will really make her feel special and create a lifelong memory.

Read a book together. This is not a one-day idea, but it’s something that you can do together regularly. It’ll prompt conversation and give you both something to look forward to in your day.

Get active. Horseback riding, hiking, and exploring a new city on foot are all great ways to bond. The experience will gain laughs and jokes for sure!

Go to a festival. There are lots of great festivals for pretty much any interest. From food themes to state fairs to music, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a list of fall festivals, and here are some other festival ideas.

I hope these ideas spark plans for your next mother-daughter date! Now it’s your turn. Please share, what are some dates you’ve had with your daughter?


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