American Girl Bistro in Charlotte, NC

I recently treated my girls to lunch at the American Girl Bistro in Charlotte. The bistro is inside the store at SouthPark Mall and is just as pink and girly as you’d expect. We loved it! Here’s what you need to know when planning your American Girl experience.

American Girl Bistro What To Know Planning Tips

You can borrow a doll. My girls were ecstatic to “borrow a friend” since they didn’t bring dolls. Yes, the store will lend you a doll for dining if you don’t have one!

There is a Table Talkers box on the table with conversation starter questions. It was fun and interesting to not only hear their answers, but to share some of my favorite memories from childhood.

American Girl Bistro table talkers

I loved this idea so much I plan to create a box for our dinner table! It’ll be great for holidays and family functions.

The artichoke-spinach dip is a favorite for a reason. Our server recommended we try it and after one bite I understood why. In fact, we were halfway through it before I remembered I didn’t take a photo, :-).

The other food dishes are good, too. For their entree, my girls chose the macaroni and cheese.

american girl bistro macaroni and cheese_Charlotte NC

I went for the bowtie pasta with chicken, broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes. This was a VERY.GOOD.CHOICE!

american girl bistro bowtie pasta with chicken

Both were nice portion sizes AND tasty. Sometimes when you eat at a themed bistro, you pay for the experience not necessarily the food. That is not the case here. The food was delicious. My girls ate everything.

Save room for dessert. My girls chose the chocolate mousse flowerpots; aren’t they cute?!

American Girl Bistro chocolate mousse flowerpot

I chose the chocolate chip skillet cookie sundae.

I can’t say enough about my cookie sundae. The chocoholic in me was very pleased.

Yes, the American Girl Bistro was a hit for our Mommy-Daughter Day Out. And I’m sure we’ll be going back.


Disclaimer: Our meal was complimentary from American Girl, but the opinions and photos here are my own. I value your trust and will not write anything I do not believe.


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