I’m a mom of tween/teen girls, so our mommy-daughter shopping days were transitioning before Covid-19 put trips to the mall on our “Nah, we’ll pass” list. My girls’ strong opinions were decision makers and I was there with veto power and payment. 

Now we’re using online wishlists and shopping carts. They get to “shop” and I avoid sitting while watching them pour through racks of clothes. I do miss the bonding that happens over shopping, but for now this is a win-win.

Here are some sites with the best features for back-to-school shopping.

Target. You can hack the registry feature by using the custom registry option. You’ll have to give your kids the log-in information, but then they can add to the registry. I use a general family email address and password.

Walmart has an “add to list” feature. Here you can create a list, like school supplies, and then invite up to five people to collaborate. Everyone can add their things and then you can review and purchase as you see fit. I LOVE that I won’t be roaming the aisles looking for random supplies this year!

Amazon. I create wish lists for everything from holiday shopping to books. They make it really easy to choose, share and buy.

Old Navy and GAP are two of their favorite stores. On both sites they can add to cart and I go in and veto or purchase. I love that items from both stores go into the same cart so I don’t have to go to two different sites.

Another perk of shopping this way is that my girls are doing most of the work, giving me time to tackle my to-do list. Win-win, :-).



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