*I saw a preview of HSN and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast inspired jewelry at this year’s Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Here’s my review.

When I saw HSN’s Beauty and the Beast inspired jewelry I fell in love.  Did I say I fell in love? Ok, good. Because the pieces are GORGEOUS! And timeless. And very well made. With lots of details and intricacies. Just like the movie. I easily saw five pieces that would be perfect for my jewelry collection. Here’s what made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…

beauty and beast disney red rose headbandThis red rose headband is the perfect mix of sparkle and gold, with just enough edge to look trendy and classy. It looks like it’s made for a special occasion.

beauty and beast disney castle ringIf you need a statement ring for a special occasion, this castle ring is a statement. This is perfect for a formal gala, a cocktail party, pretty much anything that requires sparkle. It’s also a surefire conversation starter.

beauty and the beast disney inspired teapot ringThis teapot ring screams Towanda! Really. I don’t need much more than sparkle and tea to make me happy. This ring give me both. I want this to wear to every tea party I go to forever. Yes, I want to be 95 having tea with my great-grandkids wearing this ring. And it won’t matter if we’re using a kiddy plastic tea set, :-).

disney chandelier earrings beauty and beastBefore I saw these I thought I had chandelier earrings. Nope, mine are just long, elaborate, sparkly earrings.  These are actually chandeliers! They clip on so no worries about stretching your ears. And while I don’t usually do clip-on earrings, these are worth an exception.

knuckle ring disney inspired beauty and beastIf you can’t tell by now, I have a thing for rings. So it is no surprise that this knuckle ring called my name and forced me to try it on, :-). I love that it can be dressed up or dress down. Cocktail party, girls night out, date, or gala – this works. I heart versatile pieces.

disney inspired jewelry beauty and beast movieHere are a few other pieces in the collection. If you look in the background you can see some of the scarves, too.


The collection premieres on HSN.com March 1st. The tv event is March 15. I gravitated to the jewelry, but the collection is much more. There are shoes, home decor, fashion, and beauty, too. And in true Disney fashion, there are some top designers featured. Think Vince Camuto (one of my faves!), Heidi Daus, Luke Henderson and Ruthie Davis.

beauty and beast disney hsn collection


So tell me, does any of these speak to you? Have a favorite? Share.



  • Disclaimer: As an invited guest of Disney Social Media Moms Celebration we received a discounted rate to participate in all events. As always, all opinions and feedback are mine because I value your readership, and my character, and I would not jeopardize either for a discounted experience.

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