Last week two of my girls joined #TeamBraces. They are excited, and I didn’t want that to change when their go-to movie night snacks were no longer an option. 

With no candy boxes or popcorn, I decided to treat them to a movie night snack buffet of braces-friendly foods and drinks. We had:

Chocolate cherry smoothies. I used frozen cherries, cacao powder, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla coconut milk yogurt, honey, cinnamon and ice. 

Fruit platter. Grapes, blackberries, blueberries and olives. These are all bite size so they didn’t need to use their front teeth Vanilla yogurt was added as a dip.

Sweets. I didn’t want them to feel like they couldn’t have any sweets, so I bought Hershey’s Kisses, Dum Dum lollipops and cake bites.

Bite-size meatballs. I made bite-size meatballs that they dipped in barbecue sauce. 

In the future we’ll be adding these to the list of approved movie night snacks:

  • cucumber slices with hummus dip
  • pudding
  • pancake bites with fruit
  • ice cream
  • soft pretzel bites

A bonus to the movie night snack buffet? They are eating healthier options, with no complaints!

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