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The first time I did a time audit I looked at the results and took a nap. I was exhausted looking at all of the things I had agreed to do. There were work things, mom things, family and friend things, volunteer things, self care things. So. Many. Things. The obvious solution was to remove […]

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DIY First Period Kit

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Having the period talk and preparing our girls for menstruation is part of the #MomOfGirls journey. As you’re thinking about the conversations you’ll need to have, remember the supplies she’ll need. I wanted my girls to consider this a special thing, not awkward/cringy,  so I made a period kit that could discreetly fit in a […]

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Braces Friendly Movie Night Snacks

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Last week two of my girls joined #TeamBraces. They are excited, and I didn’t want that to change when their go-to movie night snacks were no longer an option.  With no candy boxes or popcorn, I decided to treat them to a movie night snack buffet of braces-friendly foods and drinks. We had: Chocolate cherry […]

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TV Has Turned Our Dinnertime Into Fun Time

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I wasn’t into having my kids help me cook dinner. Then one day as they were eating I heard someone say,“Well, this is good, but the broccoli was cooked a little too long. It’s not as bright as it should be.” What?! Are they really judging my cooking? Insert my wide eye stare here. Then […]

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5 Things I Learned From a Tour of Earth Fare

This week I participated in a press tour of Earth Fare’s new location in Concord, NC. Here are five things I didn’t know about Earth Fare, but now solidifies the healthy grocery store on my list of places to shop. All of their private label products are GMO-free. This means I don’t have to worry […]

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A Great Book To Talk Puberty With Girls

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The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls is THE. PUBERTY. REFERENCE. BOOK. for my daughter. We’ve talked about puberty, body changes, menstruation and more, so she had a lot of information. However, she really loves that there’s a book she can go to whenever she feels like it. That allows […]

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Choosing Best Natural Deodorant for Kids

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Updated October 2016 When your tween daughter is ready for deodorant, there are a few things to consider before you go shopping: Try rubbing a little baking soda under her arms first. This may do the trick for a while, especially if she is just starting to have an underarm odor. When it’s time to […]

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