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Talking News and Current Events With Kids

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Growing up my knowledge of current events came from the 6:30 evening news, complete with commentary from family members. For my kids it’s different. They see headlines when they log in to their computers and phones, they get snippets from school assignments and they see television news every once in a while, if they’re in […]

We’re Learning To Sew

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One of the ways we’re supplementing this distant learning school life is “Mom School.” The rules are simple.  I teach them life skills in a fun, non-threatening way.  If it’s a topic I don’t know I find an online course.  Students earn an A for participation, and bonus points for making the teacher laugh. This […]

Summer Camp, Virtually

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Summer camp this year will look different for many families. The good news is there are plenty of virtual options, many free or low cost. Here are some choices to help you start planning.  Varsity Tutors has Virtual School Day AND Summer Camp! One stand-out offering is StarCourse, a series of celebrity-led classes. Instructors include […]

The Science Museum of Minnesota – Mom of Tween Girls Review

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Arriving at the Science Museum of Minnesota, it is obvious this place is a draw. We visited on a Saturday afternoon and had about a 15-minute wait just to enter the parking garage. Once in we were greeted by a Tyrannosaurus Rex and lots of families. There were kids in strollers and some taller than […]

These Guides Are Mini, Not the Info

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Tips that are less fluff and more straight-forward info. That’s the goal of these new mini guides! Each is ten pages or less, very easy to read, and leaves you with ideas that can be implemented as soon as you’re ready. Check out the guides, share them with other moms, and let me know what you think. Thanks so […]

Tips For Flying With Kids

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After almost 12 years of flying with kids, here’s my “how to fly with kids and not lose your mind” list.  Give each child a backpack as their personal bag. I believe in this so much I dedicated a post to the beauty of using backpacks as a child’s carryon. Backpacks are easy to carry, can […]

Love You Forever Challenge – Parents Edition

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A few months ago I heard Sheri Salata, former OWN Co-President and past producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show, talk about her experience with Oprah. She said lots of great things, but one thing made a huge impact on me. She said, “Oprah ran it like a mission, not a business.” Of course there were […]