I miss bookstores. I miss walking through stacks of books while the girls peruse books in their section. I miss reading book covers and deciding which ones to add to the bookshelf. I miss sitting in a corner with my new finds sipping tea.

Unfortunately going to bookstores is not on the agenda these days, so I’ve broken down and embraced ebooks. And you know what? They’re not bad. I’m actually enjoying it.

I was familiar with Kindle, and used it mostly for the girls during traveling and last minute school assignments. Then I learned about the Libby app.

Using a local library card, Libby lets you choose from thousands of books at no cost. I love that accounts are separate, so when I log in I see my book list, not the whole family. The girls love that they can choose a digital book or the audio version.

I just finished Patsy by Nicole Dennis-Bean and Where The Crawdads Sing is next. 

Another option for reading materials are the perks that come with Amazon Prime memberships. I wrote about those, including their special First Books feature here, :-).

Happy Reading!

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