beboldforchange_internationalwomensday2017It is International Women’s Day!
This year’s theme is Be Bold For Change. Interested in the history of today? Here are five things to know about International Women’s Day 2017.

BONUS: Take a few minutes and watch the All About Girl Power and Women’s History Month Video from American Girl, with your girl. You’ll both love it.

EPIC Mother-Daughter Opportunity

girlsinpoliticsThis summer you and your daughter can spend a few days in Washington, DC at the Girls in Politics Initiative’s Daughter and Mother Camp Congress for Girls. I love that they have an option for more than one child, too! That’s usually a deal breaker for me, so anytime this is considered I get excited. Find more information at the link.


Know a rising high school senior in the New York area? This opportunity from New York Road Runners is a great way to encourage her to try running as a sport, while qualifying for a college scholarship. 

This Inc. article highlights a kids’ entrepreneurship training track that starts in elementary school! I’d love for this to catch on around the country.

 Enjoy the rest of your week, :-).

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