TVforKidEntrepreneurs_raising ambitious girlsFinding family TV shows that the girls and I both love has taken a lot of effort, but we now have a good list of things to enjoy together. Over the next few months I’ll be sharing some of our favorites, by category.

First up are the shows we watch with a business focus.

These inspire creativity, feed their entrepreneur muscle, and stress the importance of thinking strategically.

Shark Tank. There’s a reason this show tops the list of “must see” for many entrepreneurs. Watching people of all ages pitch their dreams, hopes, sweat and tears to people looking at it from a business-side only is educational… and stressful… and inspiring. It’s great to see where passion and hard work meet planning and strategy for a strong business.

Undercover Boss. There are sooo many lessons here. Like the importance of structure and standard operating procedures. The necessity of good communication and even more, taking the time to listen to people – no matter their position. You see what can happen if employees are not trained well or if they are not empowered. And you see the other side – the greatness that comes with a motivated, happy workforce. The benefits of treating people like people, and caring about them because it’s the right thing to do.

My girls have even used some of these lessons in school when working on group projects.

HGTV. Okay, I know that’s a channel, but there are so many goodies here. Flipping Virgins, Property Brothers, House Hunters. The list continues and so much of it is great inspiration for our future real estate titans, 🙂

These two shows we haven’t seen but look forward to adding to our family TV time rotation:

Girl Starter on TLC. I don’t know how I missed this, but I can’t wait until TLC puts the episodes from Season 1 OnDemand so that I can catch up. A show featuring 18-24 year old female entrepreneurs? Yes!

In Spring 2017, Deals in Heels was announced. It’s a reality show that involves one of my favorites, Venus Williams. According to the release she will assist 3 Ball Entertainment by bringing female entrepreneurship to the forefront with the unscripted series. I’ll let you know when more info is released.

I’m curious, are there business-related shows you watch as a family? Do share!


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