Here are five gift ideas for girls that are timeless, classic and that she will love from childhood through adulthood.

Pearls can be worn at any age, especially earrings. Dainty earrings on a child will translate to classic on an adult. This is one thing I suggest buying in person.  Because the grading of pearls (AAA, AA, etc.) may not be universal among jewelers, it’s hard to say what’s great without seeing it. You’ll be able to compare different pearls and get a good feel for the quality compared to the price.This graphic breaks down things to consider when buying pearls.



Stocks. Over the past few years, it has become much easier to purchase stocks as a gift. This article on gifting stocks gives a great breakdown of options. And there’s, too. Keep in mind many of these options will charge you extra for a framed certificate. I say spend more money on stocks, and print your own certificate or letter at home and put it in a card.

Travel. Things are good, but the memories of travel are priceless. Some of my favorite childhood memories include road trips and sightseeing, not only with my parents but with aunts and uncles, too. Exposing kids to a world outside of their neighborhood helps them view life from many perspectives. And don’t forget about the photos.

Jewelry box. This Tiffany jewelry box screams timeless.


I love that it’s the famous blue and that there are so many things you can do with it. The gift inside can change with age, and they all are timeless. Think charms, earrings and more.

If starting her Tiffany collection is not on your list, here is another option that I love!

timelessgiftforgirlsjewelryboxPottery barn jewelry box

Entry level DSLR camera. This gift will depend on how responsible your child is and their age. I would suggest this for a teenager, but I love this gift because it can grow with her. You can always add lenses and other camera accessories as she learns how to use the many features. Canon’s EOS Rebel T6 DSLR and Nikon’s D3400 DSLR Camera both get good reviews.

BONUS GIFT IDEAS: If you’d like more gift ideas, check out these 108 gift ideas for girls ages 5-13.

Enjoy shopping!

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