Drive-in movie nights have become one of our favorite things to do as a family. We get out of the house, watch a movie on a big screen and have snacks. What’s not to love? Especially if you’re prepared.

Our first time we made rookie mistakes, but now we know exactly what we need. Here are some tips to help you plan a great family experience, while avoiding our mistakes.

Park based on the type of vehicle you’re driving. The first time we parked forward facing, which works if you’re in a sedan. However, for our SUV we should have backed into the space. The next time we backed in, put the seats flat, and made the vehicle a cozy lounge space. I also recommend this if you’re in a truck with a flatbed.

Bring a portable radio. Yes, you can use your car radio, but there are two reasons why a portable radio with FM is better.

  • You will need to turn your car off, which means you’ll be using your battery. There were a couple of cars that needed a jump at the end of the movie.
  • Many cars turn off automatically after a period of time as a safety feature. We had to restart 4 different times.

If you are going to use your car radio, remember to turn off your lights.

Have movie-friendly snacks/food. The first time we had snacks, but I should have done dinner because many of the movie nights here coincide with dinnertime. Now we bring dinner with us and it is so much more pleasant. It’s like a picnic, :-). Snacks are an added bonus.

Use pillows and blankets to make the car cozy. Being comfortable will be a great help in minimizing sibling bickering.

Bring portable camp chairs. Some locations insist you stay in your car. Others will let you set up chairs really close to your car, as long as you’re social distancing. At that point you’re kinda tailgating by your car, which is also good.

Pack a cooler. If it is hot you will want cool drinks.

If it’s warm open car windows before you turn off the car. You will welcome the breeze.

Enjoy your movie night!

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