grandmarelationshiptipsThis CBS Sunday Morning story on grandparents spending more time with their grandchildren made me smile.

In our family we have Grandma Camp. Grandma Camp is this beautiful place where my rules for the girls mean nothing. Eat all your dinner before you get dessert? Nope, not at Grandma Camp. Normal bedtime? Of course not. Why would there be one of those?

Grandma and her accomplices helpers (my dad and sister) are all about making sure the girls are fine and have lots of fun. She has kindly explained to me that her job is to love and spoil her grandkids, she raised me. And how can I argue with that? She’s right.

I live a couple hours away from my parents, so Grandma Camp is typically open for Summer, Spring Break and Winter Break. She also takes special requests for our vacations without kids and extended work travel.

I love that my family is happy to spend time with the girls. I don’t have to worry about registering early and I know my girls are with people that love them unconditionally. They are greeted with an open door and arms.

As the CBS story highlighted, grandparents spending time with grandkids is normally beneficial to both parties. My parents look forward to spending time with their granddaughters and the girls get to know them better, learn from them and do things I will probably never do. This past summer she started teaching them to crochet. That’s definitely not something they will learn from me.

As I’m typing this the girls are just coming back from Spring Break at Grandma Camp. They’ll be detoxing for the next few days… and looking forward to summer. Truth be told, I’m looking forward to summer, too, :-).

So, do tell. What role does grandparents have in your family?

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