Gift ideas for new mom to be. Pregnancy gifts she will use and love.

Buying a gift for a mom-to-be is a beautiful gesture, especially when it’s something for her. She’ll get lots of advice and tips about the baby, but her body will be changing and mom needs things, too. Here are some things that will make her feel special.

The Stork Bag. This was not a thing when I was pregnant, but if it were I would have absolutely bought this for me! It’s a bag of mom-selected products, that can be a one-time purchase or you can order one for each trimester. There is even a bag for after baby is here.

Body or pregnancy pillow. I used a body pillow and it was one of the best things ever, especially as it got harder to get comfortable. I have friends that rave about pregnancy pillows, and this one is a top-rated option.

Prenatal massage gift certificates. Massages feel good any day, but when you’re growing a human, it is one of the best indulgences. If she has a favorite spa that’s a good place to start. If not, try Spafinder. They have a network of spas across the country. Before purchasing check her city/state and see if there are options near her.

Prenatal yoga class. If she likes yoga, she’ll appreciate the classes even more now.

Pregnancy journal. Her emotions may be all over the place, and a journal is a good way to capture them. Add a beautiful pen and she can think of writing as part of her daily “me time.” You can find options online like this one, or you can buy a pretty blank journal.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting. This book is considered the pregnancy bible for a reason! I used this through all trimesters AND the first year of motherhood. 

Happy Shopping!

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