spiritualityandkidsGiving our kids a spiritual foundation has a number of benefits. For starters, there is no way to prepare children for every life situation, but we can teach them to pray and listen to their inner voice. We can provide a foundation of principles to serve as a filter for tough decisions. And we can teach them the importance of inner peace.
Other benefits are the early development of a relationship with God and the ability to look at things from a perspective bigger than their own wants or needs.

Here are three ways to talk about spirituality with your child:

Help your child(ren) connect their life meaning and value to spiritual beliefs instead of material things or society’s stereotypes. This connection reminds them that they are part of something bigger, encouraging them to be good citizens, empathetic of others and motivated to take care of their communities and the earth.

For instance, most spiritual paths encourage helping and loving others, so find ways to volunteer together. Offer compliments not just on her looks, but on her making kind, loving decisions.

Lead by example. Let your kids see you reading your spiritual book, praying and having informal conversations with God. Go on a nature walk and let them see and hear you marvel at the beauty of God’s work. Talk about some of your ups and downs, and how your faith helped you. Teach them simple prayers and say them together regularly.
Encourage quiet time. Whether its through meditation or just sitting quietly for a few minutes, teach her that silence is golden. In this silence she can gain perspective, relax and create a space to better hear her inner voice.
So, tell me, how have you talked spirituality with your child? Any tips to add?

Thanks, Towanda


These tips were originally posted in our ebook, Things to Teach Your Daughter Before and During Her Tween Years. Download your copy for more tips on spirituality, puberty, education and much more.

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