In a house with teen and tween girls lip gloss is like gold. So when a friend shared her daughter’s new business venture, Lia’s Lip Gloss, I knew I had to place an order. 

My girls looked on the website and decided on Diva 2.0. I placed the order for Diva, and added Allure because it was new and I liked the container. 

When the package arrived I let the girls open it because I wanted to eavesdrop on their initial comments. 

“Oh my! This is so cute!” “This smells so good!” “Wait, let me try that one!” “This one is mine.”

They had so much fun trying them and they were happy to let me get a few photos for this blog.

Lia’s Lip Gloss is founded by 18-year-old Calia and all of the glosses are oil infused and vegan. They were such a hit here I’m now buying some for our reward bin.

Bonus? I get to support a young entrepreneur. Don’t you just love our young people doing business things?

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