babychecklistessentialsnewmomsMust-Haves For First Months of Motherhood

There are so many baby checklists out there, it can be overwhelming figuring out what you really need versus what’s a “nice-to have.” Here are five things I used regularly during the first months of my princesses, that I really couldn’t live without.

Hence this being the mom edition, :-).

Receiving blankets. These things are the great multi-tasker of motherhood! I used them to swaddle my girls, to cover my shoulder when I burped them, to cover changing room tables if I didn’t have a disposable pad, as a wipe when I ran out unexpectedly, and on and on. If you don’t keep much in your baby bag, keep 2 receiving blankets. You will be surprised how many ways you use them. And they are super easy to wash!

Bouncy seat. This beautiful creation made it easier for me to take a shower every day. After feeding and getting my princess comfortable, each of them would stay in their seat for around 15-20 minutes, especially if they could see me. So I would put the bouncy seat in the bathroom with me and they were more than happy to relax.I had a clear shower curtain, so I could see them, too. Win-win. You’ll find yourself using it other times too, but my daily luxurious shower was by far my favorite use.

Body carrier. I had two carriers, a soft one I used at home and a Baby Bjorn I used outside of the house. I loved having my babies close and these made it easy for me to have them on me and I was still able to do other things.

Shapewear. Some people swear by shapewear, or compression garments to help their body look like it did pre-pregnancy, but that was never my reason for it. After pushing out a human, my last concern was looking like that didn’t just happen, :-). Shapewear simply helped hold me in because I didn’t like the empty, jiggly feeling. And it became even more important after princess #2 and 3 because the compression made pumping bearable. The contractions I felt during pumping were crazy until I started wearing my shaper. Some moms buy special post-pregnancy bands, but I was fine wearing the typical department store shapers.

Breast pump. I pumped exclusively, but even if pumping is supplemental a great breast pump is vital. It will save you time, which is invaluable.

I hope this list helps you manage being a new mom. It truly is a beautiful journey, :-).



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