This summer I decided to do as little planning as possible. I was just happy to make it through distance learning, working from home and being a family of five in the same space for most of the day.

There was a little concern about my girls doing nothing all summer, so I gave them planning power. Their assignment was to research online courses and then choose a few that were interesting. The only criteria was that they have something every week. 

I didn’t care if it was a one-hour class every day or a three-hour class once a week. I just wanted them to have something that didn’t involve me being the facilitator. Or them laying around looking at a screen all day :-).

We had success earlier in the spring with Varsity Tutors, so they started there. 

I have been pleasantly surprised with their choices!

My oldest has taken everything from Recycled Art and Health/Wellness to CSI & Criminology. My middle princess has chosen things like Creative Writing, Physics and Latin. And my youngest’s list includes Algebra, Creative Writing and The Secrets of Magic and Entrepreneurship. 

Some classes are more educational than others, but they have enjoyed most of them.

One of the best parts of this exercise is what I’m learning about my girls. We talk a lot, but even with open communication I’m surprised with some of their interests. I would have never chosen some of these courses because I didn’t know.

Sometimes me being lazy works out for everyone, :-).

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