Mom of Girls is a site/community for parents raising daughters. Yes, there are tips and parenting advice. There are guides, resources, and fun things, too. But, most importantly, it’s the hub for moms looking for a non-judgmental space. 

The site was founded after Towanda, a mom of three girls, tired of hearing negative comments about having daughters. “Wow, your poor husband.” “Just wait until they’re teenagers.” Even worse were the blank stares and crazy facial expressions. Especially since her princess trio was usually with her during these awkward encounters.

Now there’s a place where moms can talk about the joys and challenges of raising girls. Best practices are shared. Accomplishments are celebrated.

After all, these moms are raising the next generation of amazing women.

We welcome all #MomOfGirls that are on this journey called motherhood. We’re happy to have you, :-).