One of the ways I get mommy daughter quality time is with coloring breaks. I set up coloring supplies on the floor and invite my girls to come create.

It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, bond and chat about randomness while we work at our own pace. It also forces me to give my mind a break from an endless to-do list.

Come to find out there is research proving the health benefits of coloring. According to this Psychology Today article, some of the benefits can be:

  • reducing anxiety
  • enhancing mindfulness
  • reducing mental health stress

It does all of this for us. Another bonus? I get to spend quality time with my girls doing something we love that doesn’t take a lot of preparation. A simple supply stash

Some tips for coloring:

  • Have multiple options. 
    • We recently downloaded these coloring sheets from Academy Award–winning costume designer Ruth Carter. We talked about her amazing work on Black Panther while we colored, and the importance of creativity and art. There are many online options for free coloring sheets.
    • Keep a stash of coloring books. Some days you may feel like doing an intricate design and other days you may want something simple. I absolutely have days when I want to color an elementary sheet.
  • For more intricate designs colored pencils are best. I keep crayons and markers on hand, but pencils are my go-to most days.
  • Don’t put pressure on you or your children to finish in one session. This should be a relaxing practice, so whenever you get tired, stop. You can always go back. 

Have fun being creative! Towanda

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