My daughter’s first soccer game was at the local YMCA and lasted an hour. She was in elementary school and that was just enough time for the kids to play with minimal meltdowns.

For those games I had a portable chair and water bottle. On cool mornings I added a jacket and cup of tea.

Now she’s in high school and the games are longer, with some days holding multiple games.  My basics are the same, but I’ve added a few things to make my time more enjoyable.

Here’s my full list of soccer mom essentials:

Snacks. Yes, the team will have snacks, but you will want something, too. Many fields have concessions, but those lines can be ridiculously long. I go for something healthy and something indulgent. Lately I’ve been eating these Sahale pomegranate vanilla flavored cashews. They are so good! I also do Goldfish and granola bars.

Insect repellent. I love the fresh air and sun of soccer, but not bug bites. 

Seating. I swear by my Coleman portable quad chair, but if I ever upgrade, it’ll be to a rocker. I have this on my wish list because it’s a rocker that fits in a bag!

Sunblock. For most games you’ll be sitting in direct sunlight for about two hours. It’s imperative to protect your skin.

Umbrella for rainy and/or very sunny days. I’ve used mine more for sunny days, because two hours in direct sunlight can be a lot.

Water and/or tea. I usually have both and I’m never disappointed.

Gum/candy. This is a staple in all of my bags.

Fully charged phone. You’ll want this for photos/video, unless you’re taking a separate camera. This also comes in handy for entertainment during halftime, or between games.

Jacket. You may be surprised how much the temperature can change in a couple of hours. Layers will be your friend.

Blanket. This can be used for sitting on the grass, or for covering legs on unusually brisk days.

First Aid Kit. I keep one in my car, but I added it here as a reminder. The medical support available can vary from game to game, and things like ankle wrap, bandages, pain relievers and wipes can really come in handy.

Enjoy soccer season!

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