ways to teach kids to give back, volunteer during holidays

Volunteering and giving back during the holiday season is a great way to teach our children the true meaning of the holiday season. When my girls were younger (toddlers and preschool age) we were limited in the types of volunteering they could do, so we started an annual tradition of buying toys to donate. It is still one of our favorite things to do, :-).

This year we went to Michaels for our shopping excursion. It’s not what I typically think of when buying gifts, but I am so happy that we went there. The girls saw A LOT that they wanted to buy, and we were able to narrow our gifts down to the ones pictured here.

To narrow it down we used the following guidelines:

  • Each girl can only choose gifts that she would be happy to get.
  • They all have to at least like the item.
  • The gifts must be in our budget, :-).

Of all the gifts that we chose, they did have their top four toys. You can also think of these as gift ideas for the tween or elementary-aged girl on your Christmas list.

Hair chalk. My tween daughter went on and on about this. I think she may have been sending me a hint, :-).

Singer EZ Stitch Toy sewing machine. They all loved the sewing machine. I love that its a practical way to test their interest in sewing without going all in for a regular-sized machine.

Knit’s Cool Knitting Studio. I thought my older girls would gravitate to this, and they did like it, but my youngest LOVED this.

Creatology art set, 82-piece. There is something about a wooden box with markers, pencils, paints and brushes that kids absolutely love. It’s the perfect way to let them use their imagination.

Now it’s time for you to share. Do you have any family traditions for giving back during the holidays? Any ideas for things we can add to our tradition?

Happy Holidays,



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