disneylandseavacationplanningEnjoy Walt Disney World and a Disney Cruise for Your Next Family Vacation

Yes, you can customize your family vacation to include Walt Disney World and a Disney Cruise! It’s easy and for my family it was an experience we’ll never forget. Here are some tips to help you plan your vacation.
Book your cruise first. Disney World is open every day, but cruise ships have specific sail dates. It’s much easier to add the parks around your cruise than the other way around. If you’re truly flexible you can also look at special events at Disney World and see if there is something you would truly love.
If possible, add your park days before you embark on the cruise. We enjoyed the hectic schedule of the parks, and then being able to relax on the cruise. It was like a vacation from our vacation.
Schedule your transportation to and from the port. Your travel agent can help with this or you can contact Disney directly. Either way, for a fee, it is a seamless process to get your stuff from the resort onto the ship.
When choosing Disney World accommodations, choose something on the property. There are many price points and it will be much easier for you to move between parks and between Disney World and the Port Canaveral port. And if you’re flying into Orlando the Magical Express transportation is seamless.
Encourage each person in your party to use a backpack, along with a suitcase. While everyone probably won’t need a backpack for park days, it’s good for a couple of people to carry supplies (ponchos, water, snacks, etc.). Backpacks for everyone will come in handy as day bags when you first arrive on the ship. Luggage is not delivered right away, and there are some things you’ll want with you when you get on the ship.
Have a great vacation!

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