Mom of girls life hack tweak systems to make thing easier

Today I spent an hour with my PR peers talking about concerts. Our favorite experiences and ones that left us disappointed. The performers that remain on our bucket list and those that were better than we imagined.

Many people had seen the same acts. The sheer joy of each person’s experience was written all over their faces and body language. Who would have thought that talking about music was an ideal ice breaker for a professional organization’s virtual happy hour?

It was FUN. And lighthearted. And a great way to build relationships, which is the goal of networking.

Today’s happy hour was a reminder that there are many ways to accomplish a goal, and it doesn’t have to be painful or awkward or they way it’s always been done. 

In parenting we have things that are done a certain way, “because we’ve always done it that way.” Even if it’s not the best way. 

For me this was bed time. During the regular school year we had a 9:15 bedtime. Then remote learning happened. It was a lot to get all of my stuff done, and still enforce things like bedtime. So I completely removed it. They can all stay up as long as they want, but they have to go to their rooms at a certain time. And they have to be up and ready for their summer courses without debate. 

It’s working for all of us and I don’t think I’m going back whenever school resumes. 

If you have areas of friction, consider tweaking the system and trying something new. It may make momming just a little easier, :-).

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