teaching kids to sew - a life skill

One of the ways we’re supplementing this distant learning school life is “Mom School.” The rules are simple. 

  • I teach them life skills in a fun, non-threatening way. 
  • If it’s a topic I don’t know I find an online course. 
  • Students earn an A for participation, and bonus points for making the teacher laugh.

This week we tackled sewing by hand. To up the fun factor I started with these mini heart pillows. Here’s how we did it.


(You can purchase from the links or use items you have)

Felt squares

Large cookie cutter in heart shape (or whatever shape you want to make) 


Color pencil 


Embroidery Thread


Cotton balls 


  • Thread needle. I chose these needles on Amazon because the eye was large and I didn’t want their first experience threading a needle to be horrible. I also separated the thread into two sections so that it was thick, but not too thick.
  • Choose two felt squares for the front and back of the pillow.
  • Place cookie cutter on felt square and trace shape onto square. Do this on both squares.
  • Cut the heart using the lines traced.
  • Decide which heart will be the front of the square. Using a cross stitch sew the button on the felt. I emphasized the importance of doing the stitch two to four times to ensure it’s secure.
  • Put the two pieces together and sew using a running stitch. We started at the bottom left corner to they could practice on the straight line before getting to the curves. 
  • Stop sewing about an inch from the bottom. My girls liked being able to practice stopping again, a skill they learned with the button.
  • Stuff pillow with felt scraps and cotton balls.
  • Finish sewing the pillow closed.

You’re done!

p.s. If you’re looking for tips on how to teach sewing stitches, I found this site. There are also other fun projects.


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