I started today’s shopping trip filling my cart with all the good things – grapes, pineapple chunks, fresh veggies and a container of spring mix. 

I worked my way through the store, following the arrows on the floor and ticking things off my to-do list.

I was focused. Until I saw the ice cream aisle. Then I started talking to myself. By the time I reached the ice cream we had decided that I should treat myself. It’s my birthday week after all. And there are lots of healthy things in the cart. Ice cream is the perfect treat.

My adult brain typically runs to the cute pint size containers with creative names and blends. So much so that I don’t even look at the other options. Today I glanced up and saw STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE BARS.

I was overwhelmed with nostalgia and childhood joy. 

To me an ice cream truck wasn’t official if it didn’t have these. When I got money to treat myself in a convenience store, I went straight to the Good Humor cooler. At school the same thing. Some kids loved push-up bars. But me? Nah. This.

Today I’m living in this nostalgia and loving every minute of it. Adult me deserves this childhood reminder.

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