Many parents can relate to waking up before our kids and going to bed after them. In between we’re working, parenting, working out, getting some me time, all while fitting in the other things that make it onto our to-do list.

To keep me sane, especially in this time of remote learning/working from home/being together all day, I’m using the split shift. This article does a great job of explaining the split shift, along with tips to do it more effectively. 

Simply put, we’re dedicating blocks of time for tasks throughout the day instead of working 8-5 straight hours and then being off until the next day.

Here’s what my split shift looks like. 

I wake up one hour before everyone else. This is my spirit time. I pray, meditate, read a spiritual book, journal and set my intentions for the day. Here is a post that goes into further detail about this part of my morning routine. You may not have an hour, but I strongly encourage you to take some time for yourself before you start taking care of everyone else. It can have a huge impact on your mood and day.

Then I do a work check-in. I review emails, respond to the quick ones, and prioritize my to-do list for the day.

Next up is food. Once everyone is up, I start breakfast. Breakfast is our first check-in. We chat and discuss plans for the day. It’s also a time for me to gauge everyone’s mood/needs.

When the girls start school I tackle my work to-do list until it’s time for lunch.

I’m officially the lunch lady on school days, so I’ll usually make something fairly quick. Think sandwiches, soups, pizza, salad. They cycle through at their assigned lunch time and I eat at my desk. I prefer to use my breaks in other ways.

One of my favorite things is to take a walk around the neighborhood. This fresh air and change of scenery help so much.

The afternoon has more work until school is over. Then I log off for family time.

When the girls go to bed I finish up work and special projects before winding down.

The beauty of the split shift is that there are no hard rules. You do what works for you and your family.

Good luck!

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